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Recent improv videos


Premiering at Generation Twelve festival 2019 as a film installation.

Rice is a film commenting on the intimacy between human touch being lost through consumerism and capitalism. The two bodies’ skin on the screen ( being androgynies) plays with the rice as a material and its movement in the air or against the skin as a display of tactility, of abundance and dependency. The rice as a symbol represents wealth, possessiveness and attachments. 
The film installation runs for 25 minutes and the audience are encouraged to stay as long as they wish.
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Body parts is a ongoing photography series published on Instagram, exploring highlighting parts of the photographer's body by micro zooming and through another medium.


A film made in protest of creating art with high definition, Defined commercially acceptable movements, accompanied by socially acceptable external sources, seamless music and elite audiences. This is a creation of art being a DIY art, homemade by mac laptop, organic movement created by Martini at 2 am, at the creator's home with furnitures being the audiences to her performance.